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In­ter­nal Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons

Just because something was said doesn’t mean that it was heard. And just because it was heard doesn’t mean that the listener was convinced. There are numerous reasons why your staff may not be on the same page. And in periods of significant company change, these reasons are multiplied. We know how to make your internal communications work, and what instruments to use, so that your managers and staff can grasp your company’s strategy and actively represent it in the marketplace. We also understand the tone that the speaker must adopt for the listener to be receptive. After all, if a company wants its staff to be open to change, it must likewise be open to change. And this includes the way that it communicates with them.

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Wolfgang Nübold, Senior Consultant

Wolfgang Nübold, M.A., brings some 20 years of professional experience in public relations. His consulting career began at ABC/Eurocom, a corporate PR agency, after which he moved on to Pleon Kohtes Klewes, where he held various positions over more than 11 years. He then become press spokesperson and head of communications for “Germany: Land of Ideas” in Berlin, an economic development initiative supported by the German federal government in conjunction with industry. He has been with Instinctif Partners since 2011, where he advises clients in the areas of reputation management and corporate communications.

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