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Gateway to Germany

Our offer for international clients

Are you looking to create or grow your business’ presence in Germany?

Our specialist, international team is comprised of experienced industry and communications professionals, who have expertise in politics, economics and the media. We combine strategic and creative thinking to help our clients engage with and influence their key stakeholders. We offer a number of opportunities for companies looking to launch into the German market, or expand their European presence, to introduce you to key contacts, understand the cultural nuances of working in Germany and optimise your communications strategy to reach new audiences. 

Our products - Your Gateway to Germany

Country Coaching

Country Coaching - Understanding Germans and their business

Before starting to communicate in Germany, companies need to be aware of cultural nuances of operating in a European market, avoidable mistakes and how to navigate the uncertainty of a new communications landscape.

We offer half- or full-day workshops, giving an introductory overview to the market, the media, general rules, politics, your competitors, etc.

Who is this for?

Those who will be addressing and engaging with media and stakeholders – C-suite and company spokespeople

What are some of the outcomes?

Validation of market entry conditions, training of communication skills in the German environment, understanding of operational dos and don‘ts

Download: Country Coaching Offer

Instinctif Market Intelligence Index

Instinctif Market Intelligence Index - Understand and observe your market

The most successful communications strategies are those that anticipate change, readily evolve and help you maximise real market opportunities to drive your business forward.

We help you to understand and observe the issues and influencers that shape your business environment, if and how they might affect your operation and what it takes to make your voice heard in a complex environment.

By leveraging the Instinctif Market Intelligence Index tailored to your business objectives, we help you establish the communications framework to meet your company’s goals.

Who is this for?

Your communications and marketing teams, business development strategists and specialists

What are some of the outcomes?

Stakeholder Mapping, Monitoring, Market Insight Report, Risk and Opportunities, Action and communications reporting

Download: Market Intelligence Offer

Strategy Workshops

Strategy Workshops - Defining Strategies for Reaching Your Audiences

For a business to succeed in complex markets requires effective and strategic communications - to establish trust in your business, brands, products and people.

Starting with your objectives and based on our deep understanding of the landscape, we will help you to establish the right priorities, messages, and stories for effective communications strategies in the German market to build your brand and profile across all relevant channels.

Who is this for?

Those driving your business, profile and messages across the complex and varied German marketplace

What are some of the outcomes?

Analysis of your market presence in Germany, definition of business priorities for outreach, key framework for messages, storytelling and channel strategy, outreach plan with internal and external milestones

Download: Strategy Workshop Offer

M&A / Transaction Communication

M&A / Transaction Communication - Crossing cultural borders

To be successful, international transactions need to be supported by a well-devised and executed communications strategy.

More than ever, companies have to communicate a clear and compelling rationale for the deal to employees, customers, business partners, investors, the media, analysts, regulators, politicians and local communities.

We help you to make your merger with or aquisition of a German company a success.

Who is this for?

CEOs, Heads of Communication and all those that communicate the vision for and rationale of the transaction internally and externally

What are some of the outcomes?

Protecting your investment in the German market, enhancing and growing your reputation as a brand or investor

Download: M&A Transaction Communication Offer

24h Offer

24h Offer - Meeting the people who are setting your scene

When you decide to enter the German market or to expand your business in Germany, you are choosing to step into a new environment with people who will shape your future - your new stakeholders.

We help you get in touch with and meet key contacts and individuals within a 24-hour period.

In a half or full-day experience, we will arrange a number of sessions that enable you to receive insight from market insiders, test the relevance and impact of your products, services or potential issues, or to make connections before you need them. 

Who is this for?

Those who are responsible for business development, communications, public affairs, networking, and stakeholder management

What are some of the outcomes?

Understanding of challenges and trends that affect your business, a preliminary network of key contacts across three German cities

Download: 24h Offer

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