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Capital Markets & Investor Relations

With our broad-based and in-depth stock market and financial expertise, we provide our capital markets and investor relations customers with extensive assistance both nationally and internationally in the globally networked world of financial markets. Our [...]

Your contact: Dr. Götz Schlegtendal

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Corporate Communi­cations

As your communications advisor and sounding board, Instinctif Partners can develop, together with you, the „equity story“ that describes the uniqueness of your company. This process defines the conceptual building blocks that raise your company’s reputation and thus its long-term value. [...]

Your contact: Thomas Stein

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Public Affairs

In today’s world, effective communication with political leaders and with the general public is a critical component of any company’s success. Active participation in debates over legislation, regulation and public opinion is no longer a choice but a necessity. In our public affairs practice, we see ourselves as a true partner for our clients. Together with you [...]

Your contact: Bernd Buschhausen

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Crisis & Change Communi­cations

An important area of our communications consulting work is crisis prevention and crisis communication. Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Instinctif Partners strives to anticipate potential crisis situations before they strike, developing tailor-made solutions for your business, such as media training, guidelines for appropriate language [...]

Your contact: Carsten Böhme

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CEO Positioning

Your chief executive is the face of your company. As a spokesperson for the growth strategy and objectives of your company, he or she is like no other. Every interview or speech is thus a critical opportunity which requires diligent preparation – and to make sure this is done right, we provide comprehensive advice, assisting you in deciding how to present yourself, what to say, and what not to say.

Your contact: Thomas Stein

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Corporate Publishing

Corporate publishing is corporate communication – to the external marketplace, as well as within your company. The forms and channels which these publications can take are numerous, ranging from traditional print to digital online and social media, from mobile apps to audio-visual productions. We can work with you to precisely tailor corporate publishing concepts for your products, your markets and your stakeholders. [...]

Your contact: Andreas Hybel

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Digital Communications

As companies represent themselves in the digital age, external communication presents complex challenges: information not only circulates in real time but is generally terse and more fragmented. Groups that share common interests, and their opinion leaders, are networked into virtual communities. And then there are the search engines who have the power to decide who comes out on top - and who is relegated [...]

Your contact: Kristin Gabriel

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Internal Communications

Just because something was said doesn’t mean that it was heard. And just because it was heard doesn’t mean that the listener was convinced. There are numerous reasons why your staff may not be on the same page. And in periods of significant company change, these reasons are multiplied. We know how to make your internal communications work, and what [...]

Your contact: Wolfgang Nübold

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Live events can be a uniquely effective way for your company to build its image and promote its reputation. With our expertise in organising and managing events, we can develop and execute precisely tailored solutions to meet your needs, providing our experienced and comprehensive support for all kind of events to more effectively communicate and interact with key opinion leaders from business and society, with political leaders [...]

Your contact: Aleksandra Bikar

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