Donald Trump: The PR King

05.09.2019 Public Affairs von Ross Gillam 

Another morning and my radio alarm goes off. The newsreader rattles through the day’s news agenda and there it is, another Donald Trump story. Barely a day goes by without my wake-up news bulletin referencing the US President and his latest controversy. In short, love him or loathe him, ‘The Donald’ has repeatedly shown his ability to generate headlines and ensure he finds a way in to our thoughts every single day. As a democratically elected leader with an election on the horizon, however unagreeable this might instinctively feel, this is arguably his job. From a PR perspective, Trump is clearly subscribing to the school of thought that your reputation is a vacuum and that unless you fill it, others will. Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair’s renowned spokesman and media adviser, also subscribed to this ethos with Blair succinctly describing the approach in his memoir, A Journey, as “…either you attempt to feed the beast or the beast eats you.”

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